Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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Rod Wake's 1956

This 1956 Thunderbird was manufactured March 5, 1956 and shipped to Bert Ally Motor Company of Neodesha, Kansas. 
The body and hard top were finished in the brand new Thunderbird Green paint with Sage and white interior. The car was equipped with the optional 312 V8, Ford-O-Matic, power brakes, Town and Country radio and safety package.
Sold in July, 1956 to a career U.S. Navy officer, the car was immediately shipped to Japan!  Its owner returned to the U.S. in 1959, retired from the Navy in 1961 and returned with the car to Neodesha. 
In 1989, the car was inherited by a niece and nephew in Wichita and transfered briefly to Bay City, Texas.
Upon its return to Wichita, the car was sold in 1992 to a man who had other special-interest cars and just never got around to this one.
In 2005 the Thunderbird was sold again and is now owned, maintained and coddled by Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club President  Rod Wake.