Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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Robert & Judy Francis  

1963 Thunderbird Landau, Deep Sea Blue with Black Vinyl Top 

 Actual mileage 51,000, Interior Medium turquoise (33)\light (34), Trim Code (57) 

This car was delivered to E.E.Conner in Roanoke, Virginia by my father-in-law H.S. Kilby in early 1963 and remained i Conner's use until the odometer read 47,000 miles on 1-12-1982 at which time my father-in-law received a phone call from Mr. Conner regarding the car.  He said, "If you want the car, it's parked in front of the house by a tree, I have no use for the car."  "It is your free." The car was then picked up by H.S.Kilby & thus began a long period of storage.  It was stored in a garage, underneath many blankets which in turn damaged the finish.  There was restoration work done by H.S. Kilby and the car was offered to me, in various stages of restoration, in 1996.  At this time it was loaded up and stored in Wichita, KS  until about 5 years ago in 2010.  It was newly painted in 2017.