Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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Richard & Susan Carlisle's 1955

It all began on October 22, 1954, when the Ford Thunderbird was introduced to the public. 
The bird shown here was assembled September 8, 1955, in the last days of production for the 1955 model. 
This car left the Detroit assembly line finished in Thunderbird Blue (color code T) with the turquoise and white interior (color code XC); it came with both the hardtop and convertible top and was delivered to Ford's Charlotte, North Carolina sales district. 
The accessory Continental spare tire was added later. It is known this '55 basked in the California sun for a few years before coming to Kansas.
This Thunderbird has understandably received a number of trophies in local and national shows; it is owned, maintained and enjoyed by members of both Wichita Classic Thunderbirds and the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Richard and Susan Carlisle of Wichita.