Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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Jeral  W. & Elaine Lipps' 1962

This '62 convertible has had a very interesting history. It left the Wixom plant painted a beautiful Sahara Rose (color code L) with black top and interior (code 56).
In 1967, its owner allegedly drove the car from Arizona to Harper, Kansas, parked it near his mother's house and allowed it to deteriorate. 
After the owner died, club member Jeral Lipps bought the car with the intent of fixing it up — and stored it for roughly ten more years!

Jeral sold the car, but kept track of it even as it was resold. 
A few years later, he bought it back. Jeral's son, Hank Lipps, had it repainted to what was probably Caspian Blue and restored the car to very nice condition in the early 1980s. It was so nice, in fact, that he rarely drove it, instead using his '61 Thunderbird as daily driver. 
This car accompanied Hank through his studies at Kansas State University, medical school in Kansas City and Chicago, and on to a permanent residence in Illinois.

In 2002, Hank asked his father if he would like to have the car back.
Jeral and Elaine jumped at the chance and brought the wayward 'Bird back to Wichita, where they are currently restoring it to its former glory.