Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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Our Board of Directors


Rodney Wake

Rodney Wake serves as our 
316.722.2028 JRWake1316@cox.net

Mike Mawhirter

Vice President
Mike Mawhirter serves as our
 Vice President
316.788.6038 ekimmaw@hotmail.com

Virginia Hazen

Secretary / Treasurer  
Virginia "Ginger" Hazen serves as our Secretary / Treasurer.
316.871-4481 rchazen@aol.com
Appointed Positions

Newsletter Editor:
J. Rodney Wake JRWake1316@cox.net
Associate Editor, Proof Reader, Club Photographer, Computer
  Guru and all around helper Jack Wake jmwake@cox.net

Website Coordinator  Virginia Hazen and Lynn Hill   Direct questions to MidKsTbirds@gmail.com

Wichita Area Council

of Car Clubs Representative:  Royce Taylor