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Thunderbird Club Wichita Kansas


Thunderbirds!   We love them, whether it be a first edition'55 or the last one manufactured in '05.  There is no better way to restore, preserve, drive, and enjoy a Thunderbird than to belong to a club with others with your same interest and taste in vintage vehicles.  And, there is no better way to find and acquire a Thunderbird and parts and services than to belong to a club full of Thunderbird Lovers.  That's where the Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club comes in.  We have approximately 45 family memberships in the Wichita and south central Kansas area with 50 Thunderbirds currently.  (For some of us, one Thunderbird is not enough.)  Our Club meets monthly at a restaurant for our business meeting and we plan to attend or instigate at least one Thunderbird event each month in which we drive, show, and enjoy our Thunderbirds. 

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