Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbirds Club

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We love them, whether it is a first edition ’55 or the last one manufactured in 2005.

There is no better way to restore, preserve, drive, and enjoy a Thunderbird than to belong to a club with others with your same interest and taste in vintage vehicles.  And, there is no better way to find and acquire a Thunderbird and parts and services than to belong to a club full of Thunderbird lovers.

It is currently comprised of 44 family memberships with even more Thunderbirds.  

Our flock of Birds contains one of almost every body style offered. Some of our Thunderbirds are trophy winners at the national level, some are in the process of getting there, but many are simply enjoyable daily drivers.  

Our Thunderbird experts share their experiences with each other, and with spectators at our car shows regarding restoration, repairs, parts, details, and technical advice for these beautiful, nostalgic pieces of rolling sculpture.  This club enjoys members from many professions.  

Our club holds monthly meetings, and publishes a monthly newsletter. We also take Thunderbird road trips or cruises through scenic parts of Kansas.  In the cooler months, you will find us visiting local museums, dinner theater, shows and melodramas.  

Wholesome, family type social activities involving spouses and children, are just one of the goals of our club.

To join us and enjoy the ambience created by these beautiful Thunderbirds costs only $25 per year  and that cost is prorated for new members. 

See our application in this website. 

Our National VTCI application is also located in the VTCI link mentioned above. 
Joining the VTCI includes a subscription to The Thunderbird Scoop, access to the Country Store, and other advantages. 

If you have any questions about our club or the Membership Application, please contact us at the Email or telephone number listed below

J. Rodney Wake, President
 Mid-Kansas Vintage Thunderbird Club, Inc.
(316) 722-2028